Aims & Objectives of the Shanti Devi Memorial Foundation are as under :

  • To establish, maintain and grant aid to homes, orphanages or other establishments for relief and help the poor and destitute people, the old -aged people, differently - abled people, blind, orphans, leprosy patients, children and widows
  • To establish, maintain and/or run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to individuals including supply of books, stipends, and other incentives to study without any distinction
  • To establish support, acquire, run and/or grant aid and other financial assistances to schools, colleges, libraries reading rooms, hostels, boarding houses, laboratories and other institutions of like nature at any place or places in the Indian Union for use of the students and staff and also, generally for the development and/or advancement of educational facilities and diffusion of knowledge among public in general
  • To provide relief and to work for overall development of people affected by natural calamities
  • To give awards and recognition to people for their outstanding contribution in the area of social development, literature, media, science and technology
  • To organize seminars, debate, workshops on issues of women empowerment
  • To establish, provide, maintain and conduct subsidized research laboratories and experimental workshops for scientific and technical researches, experiments to undertake and carry on scientific and technical investigations and support inventions by providing subsidized endowing or assisting laboratories, workshops, libraries, lectures, meetings and conferences and by providing or contributing to the award of scholarships, prizes, grants to students or otherwise generally to encourage, promote and reward studies, researches, investigations, experiments, tests and inventions of any kind
  • To undertake, carry out, promote and sponsor or assist any activity for the promotion and growth of national economy , the trustees considers that recognition as the social and moral responsibility of the trust to public or any section of the public and also any other activity which the trustees consider likely to promote national welfare, social economic and moral upliftment of the public or any section of the public and in such manner, by such means as the trustees may think fit
  • To undertake awareness programs to promote the schemes assisted and implemented by Central government/ State governments/ international funding agencies and disseminating it amongst the general public via brochures, pamphlets, documentaries and by organizing conferences and seminars.
  • To undertake training programs to promote self employment skill development and entrepreneurship development.
  • To establish centers for promotion of small scale industries, cottage industries and village industries for employment of generation for youth, skilled and semi skilled people of the society and women for their self reliance.
  • To provide training to farmers for methods of organic agricultural production, processing and marketing of allied sectors like food processing, handicrafts, animal husbandry, dairy, poultry farms, fisheries, bee keeping, for farmers to obtain optimum benefits .
  • To create awareness on the issues of environmental protection and take initiatives for environmental cleanliness and pollution control.
  • To implement the programs related to family welfare, family planning and conduct survey and operational research for getting clear picture of health status of the community.
  • To organize surveys, seminars, debates, workshops on the issues of social development.
  • To support government initiatives and other NGO’s initiatives for the progress of civil society .
  • To acquire property and create infrastructure for social objectives and for public purposes;
  • 13, Babar Road, Bengali Market,
    New Delhi - 110 001
  • +91 11 2331 2991/92/93
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